Drangarnir Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands and Iceland – the summer quest

The summer of 2022 we sailed to Faroe Islands and Iceland for a total duration of 5-weeks. An aim of this sail was to search for the elusive and understudied northern bottlenose whale, in a deep-water trench between Faroe Islands and Iceland. Additionally, we were to assist our scientific partner Whale Wise to collect an underwater listening device that had been sitting in an Icelandic fjord for a year collecting data.


Above. Video from the Stavanger – Faroe Islands leg. By Tord Karlsen 

The sail also served the purpose of fine tuning the sailing vessel Barba, as well as training and introducing new crew members to the team. Furthermore, we wanted to collect content for general storytelling purposes, as well as to contribute with additional 360 content for the ViROE program, based on 360 content from Barba (Virtual Reality for Ocean Education).


Finally, it was a great opportunity to get back at sea with old and new friend. Out in the open ocean, to reunite with the adventure, the big blue and the wonder. What awaits out there? Will this be the time we get to free dive with Bottlenose whales, or witness a pod of orcas hunting a minke whale. Or perhaps we will see something that we never thought possible, as we have in the past.

Northern Bottlenose Whales
The one and only time we have had a confirmed Northern bottlenose Whales sighting was in the Faroe Islands back in 2010.

During the trip we rotated the crew, and I was the only one who was to be onboard for the full duration. We sailed out on July 24th, and returned August 27th completing yet another successful sail in the North. The soundtrap was recovered, new memories and experience was collected in addition to marvelous storytelling content.


Above. The sailed route, about 2000 nautical miles / 3700 kilometers. On the crossing to Faroe Islands, we had to head up the coast to get more favorable wind conditions.


As for the bottlenose whales, we did not find them. A failure one might think, but not to me. We did get to the search area of interest as planned, and as such did our best. Not finding them makes me even more determined to find them in the future!




Featured photo: Barba sailing through the Drangarnir passage, Faroe Islands’ most famous rock formation. Photo by Kurt Arrigo



Barba Stavanger Norway
The Stavanger-Shetland crew. From the left, sailor and surfer Jan Erik Jensen,  photographer and teacher Tord Karlsen, sailor and former Jeanneau US manager Paul Fenn, adventurer and first time sailor Anne Moen and Andreas B. Heide the Barba captain.



From the ocean crossing to Faroe Islands. Photo by Tord Karlsen.


Paul and Andreas upon arrival Faroe Islands, with the Island Hestur in the background. By Tord Karlsen


Hestur Faroe Islands
Hestur Faroe Islands. By Kurt Arrigo.


Robin RE assisting with the photo shoot at Draganir, Faroe Islands. Photo captured by Kurt Arrigo during our one week circumnavigation.


Stakkur, Faroe Islands. By Kurt Arrigo.


The sound trap recovery in Finnafjörður, Iceland. From the left, sailor Emil Andre Gundersen, Andreas, sailor Micky Albardy, scientist Alyssa Stoller from Whale Wise, Scientist and onboard crew from Faroe Islands to Iceland Petr Slavík and sailor and marine biologist Juni Bjørneset. By Juni Bjørneset.



The Iceland-Norway crew. From the left. Andreas, Emil, Micky and Juni.


Micky upon arrival mainland, Norway. By Juni Bjørneset.


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Kristen Mozuch
1 year ago

How wonderful to read about your travels and work, as always! Really enjoyed hearing about what you all have been up to, and seeing all the great pictures!!

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