First stop, Utvær

After about a day of sailing, we made it to our first destination, the archipelago of Utvær. Chosen spontaneously, as the rather streneous start of the voyage made a night in a comfortable harbour, a welcomed one.

White wine and shrimps for dinner, steaming out of Stavanger was replaced by  by quite rough weather in the North Sea outside Haugesund later in the night. To add to the discomfort,the diesel tank was leaking so the odor and the rocking of the boat made it the perfect recipe for seasickness. To resolve the problem we sailed inshore  at around 7 in the morning passing Bergen in dense rain a few hours later.

Adventuring with Barba is and will always be an emotional roller coaster. Morale and love for life was restored as we made it safely through the reefs and found our way to the  harbour of Utvær about a day after leaving Stavanger. Utvær is the westernmost point of mainland Norway. Once a thriving fishing community, now abandoned with only seasonal visitors.

To be continued,



Featured image, Barba at Utvær. Below, Martin at the approach of Haugesund.


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