The relaunch of Barba

Easter at last, and heading out again. The destination is Stadt about two days of cruising to the North. Some of the most spectacular coastline of Norway lies ahead. It´s also the official launch day of the new website,, replacing the old

The content and concept remains the same. Sailing with a boat full of tools for adventure, manned by adventure seekers. For the first five days, Nikolai Munch Frisak, Martin Svangtun and myself will constitute the crew. A Swede and Frenchman will be joining us in Florø on Wednesday. The weather forecast could not be better, windy. We will keep the blog up to date, and you can also track our progress live on the barba position page.

The weather forecast looks promising and we are all ready to set sail. Stay tuned, and have an enjoyable Easter!

Andreas B.  Heide

Approximate route below: The planned route

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10 years ago

Det er med stor misunnelse at jeg må konstatere at jeg sitter i sofaen/kontorstolen mens Barba er ute på eventur.Ha en fortreffelig påske! Dersom dere har tid til en skipsdram møter jeg dere gjerne på hvilket som helst sted på sjøen innenfor en halv times radius og byr på en skipsdram. En halvtimes radius er ca Bømlo til Sognefjorden….



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