Jan Mayen update

First of all, sorry for failing to update the blog. The reason is quite simply that we have been extremely busy enjoying ourselves. In addition limited internet access makes it difficult to upload pictures and text. Consequently, we will have to publish material once we return to civilization about a week from now. Our stay at Jan Mayen has been full of highlights, including:

– Climbing Mount Beerenberg (2277 meters), the worlds most northern volcano (and the coolest one).
– Fishing fish to entire population of the island: 40 kgs in 15 minutes (the total population consists of 18 people located in an army base)
– Visiting an untouched WW2 airplane wreck
– Spotting whales (we tried to swim with one of them, but no success)
– Flying paraglider
– Banding birds
– Exploring caves

Today we sail south, away from the cold and the midnight sun. If the winds allow, we will reach Shetland in about 5 days only dealyed by fishing, diving and hopefully swimming with whales




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