Setting sail with a mission

October 5th:  On a beautiful autumn day Barba steamed out of her homeport in Stavanger. With Barba’s terrestrial headquarters (captain’s flat) rented out, she headed North, her destination deep within the Arctic Circle. She has no plans to return anytime soon; a third consecutive winter documenting orcas awaits.

As opposed to previous seasons where the camera has been our primary tool of telling their story, the mission for this season is to take the long-awaited step with firm contributions to science. Inspired by inspirational figure and conservationist Jacques Cousteau, this has been part of the long term master plan of the Barba concept. It´s been a bit of a challenge to build up the necessary expertise and structure to reach our next milestone. With the help of onshore supporters, scientists, crew and storytellers this season could be the breakthrough we have been waiting for, making Barba a symbol for the nature we interact with and wish to preserve.

It´s a journey filled with uncertainty, but this is also one of the reasons why we do it.

Blood, sweat, some tears, joy, sea water, raw nature and persistence will still be key ingredients in the Barba Saga.. More to come shortly.


Featured photo, Barba departing leaving her homeport. By David González.

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6 years ago

Enjoy the adventure , looking forward to hear more 🙂

Kristoffer Lunde
6 years ago

Safe travels, enjoy the trek.

douwe gorter
6 years ago

Good luck with your exiting project! I will be following you, please update us frequently.

Fair winds,


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