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Orca encounter offshore Stavanger, Norway!

As most of you know, we are quite used to seeing orcas, but this is the first time we get to see them summer time. Also quite special to find them outside my hometown of Stavanger! On Saturday last week we ventured offshore in the calm weather to look for basking shark and pilot whales. When I saw seagulls on the horizon, I had hopes for something big pushing prey to the surface. And sure enough, there was something big […]

Snorkeling with orcas

Back in February, Terry Ward and I decided to take a little Barba reconnaissance mission to Vesterålen in Northern Norway. The goal was to learn as much as we possibly could about swimming orcas. Herrings the number into the millions gather in the area during the early winter months, and that in turn draws the attention of just about the entire orca population of Norway. Fin whales, humpbacks and other whale species also show up for the feast. As the […]

Seal bonanza

Barba sailed out into the darkness Friday evening. We were joined by a man of the sea, Thomas Grindevoll. Thomas is the current Norwegian record holder in the sport of freediving with 84 meters depth in constant weight and 104 meters depth in the no limits discipline. As always we had great ambitions for our weekend adventure. One of the outer islands is inhabited by a grey seal colony. With a short window of calm weather, we hope to be […]

Memento Mori sails again

After a longer resting time with inshore sailing in Norway, Memento Mori engaged in its first open sea crossing since the Greenland expedition in 2010. Ketil, Andreas, Henrik and newcomer William Restorff, enjoyed a different kind of Easter vacation by sailing to the British Island of Shetland.  The Norwegian tradition of going to the mountains for skiing was successfully replaced by swimming with dolphins and other Mememto Mori activities. For more photos, see the Barba Gallery. Andreas