Landfall Greenland

On the fourth day of sailing, the majestic mountains of Greenland finally emerges from the distant horizon. We are currently sailing at about 7 knots, and with 82 nautical miles still to go, we expect to enter Angmagssallik fjord in about 12 hours from now. On the trip over we have had from 30 knots of wind to 2 knots. The first good for sleeping and the last good for grilling the fish we caught when leaving Iceland.

After a rough start the sailing has been good, and currently we have 16 knots of tailwind with good surf waves. The boat and crew has performed well. The only major mishap is that we lost half of our water supplies due to a valve being knocked over in rough seas. We are not too worried though, we still have 120 liters to go, and since showering is something we stopped doing when we left civilization, all is well.

The temperature is also starting to live up to its expectations. We have about 4-5 degrees Celsius, and apart from the constant light, little reminds us of summer.

To our disappointment, but also relief we have not seen ice so far, but according to the ice charts it should be just around the corner. Our next plan now is to find a nice and calm natural harbor, where we will stay for a few days fishing, looking for polar bears and relaxing.

Greenland here we come!


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13 years ago

Veldig spennende å følge med dere! God tur videre mot Grønland:-) Helen

13 years ago

Hilsen fra Brønnøya i øs pøs regnvær! Hygger oss med rapporter fra ferden.
Pippip, Per Olav, Elisabeth og Tass senior

13 years ago
Jørgen S. Karlsen
13 years ago

Hiv o`hoi!
Mr. Heide, kjekt å lese! Blir spenndende videre, vær snill med bjørnene….

Waro, Liv Toril og Olsaren
13 years ago


Spennede å følge med dere, og Andreas gratla med undervannshuset:) Såg god knall ut det ,glede meg å se både bilder å snutter fra under vann.
Kos dere!!!!!

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