Barnas Havfest: Fostering a Love for the Ocean in the Next Generation

Captain Andreas B. Heide giving a tour of the S.V. Barba to children druing Barnas Havfest 2024

We were thrilled to participate in this year’s Barnas Havfest, a fantastic free weekend event dedicated to engaging children with the ocean through fun and interactive activities. Organized by our friends at Ryfylke Friluftsråd and Rogaland Fridykkerklubb, the festival offered a variety of outdoor activities by the sea, designed to educate and inspire the next generation to connect with nature and marine life.
From face painting and pirate tents for the little ones to free diving, SUP yoga, and treasure hunts for the older kids, there was something for everyone.

The S.V. Barba was on hand to showcase our Arctic expeditions through films, photos, and VR experiences, complemented by tours of the vessel led by our captain, Andreas B. Heide. It was an excellent opportunity to share our passion for arctic marine exploration and conservation with the community.

Here are some of the fantastic organizations in the region that we would love for you to know about:
Ryfylke Friluftsråd: Promotes outdoor activities and environmental education in Rogaland, fostering a culture of sustainability.
Rogaland Fridykkerklubb: Encourages responsible free diving and marine litter cleanup, highlighting the importance of underwater ecosystems.
Lei en Biolog: An agency connecting skilled biologists with a passion for communication to bring biology to life through engaging, educational content, making complex scientific concepts accessible to all.
Delfinen Svømmeskole: Teaches essential swimming skills and water safety, helping children gain confidence in the water.
Stavanger Dykkeklubb: One of Norway’s most active diving clubs, involved in various diving activities and marine conservation efforts.
Stavanger Kajakkklubb: Provided kayaking trials, teaching basic paddling skills and water safety.

We are proud to be part of a region that prioritizes and offers such enriching experiences for children of all ages. This event not only created lasting memories but also instilled a deeper understanding and appreciation for the ocean.

Thank you to all who participated and contributed to this remarkable event.

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