Providing an innovative ocean conservation platform for scientists and storytellers in arctic waters

What we do


At the core of Barba’s mission is to harness the power of the wind for positive change. Our expedition vessel combines performance at sea with technical precision to navigate the waters in the Arctic circle under sail.


Barba is a fully equipped field-station conducting whale and microplastics research through the collection of vital data in the field and collaboration with established scientific partners.


From hosting award-winning filmmakers to featuring in one of David Attenborough’s documentary, Barba’s mission is to capture and share untold stories from above and below the surface of Arctic waters.

Next Expedition:

Arctic sense 2021

Latest news

Sailing Svalbard
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Good news from the Barba headquarters in Stavanger, Norway. Today we received a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the local University.
Welcome to the brand new test site. Feel free to provide inputs on how we can improve the site. To be launched in February 2021!


Barba curates multi-disciplinary teams of sailors, storytellers and scientists

Our vision


Venturing to the icy north pole of our planet, Barba’s explorations contribute to filling the gaps and uncertainties in Arctic research. We work closely with sentinel species, such as orcas, to study the effects of climate change and plastic pollution on our oceans.

Science communication

At the heart of Barba’s vision is to inspire change through science communication. We connect a global audience with stories from the Arctic seas and make science more tangible for the public.


We believe in the power of educating the next generation of marine conservationists, Arctic scientists and sailors. Barba collaborates with universities and secondary schools to support the development of an impactful marine curriculum.

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Institutional and scientific partners

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