Andreas is Shortlisted for the 2024 Shackleton Medal

Shortlist announcement for the 2024 Shackleton Medal

The international shortlist, comprising five women and three men, reflects the diversity and breadth of expertise in polar conservation. From Antarctic explorers to indigenous leaders and marine biologists, each nominee brings a unique perspective and invaluable contributions to the cause:

  • Antarctic explorer and climate scientist Felicity Aston (British)
  • The Founding Director of the Indigenous Leadership Initiative in Canada – an influential network that connects indigenous conservation projects – Valérie Courtois (Canadian)
  • Sailor, adventurer, and marine biologist Andreas Heide (Norwegian)
  • Musician, film actor, and prominent environmental campaigner Ella Marie Haetta Isaksen (Sámi)
  • Polar photographer Florian Ledoux (French) 
  • Professor of ecology and evolution, specializing in penguin populations Heather Lynch (American)
  • Head of Conservation for the WWF Global Arctic Programme Martin Sommerkorn (German)
  • Glaciologist and expert in bio-optics Ximena Aguilar Vega (Mexican)

The winner of the 2024 Shackleton Medal for the Protection of the Polar Regions will be announced in early May, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to celebrate the tireless dedication and remarkable achievements of all nominees. But, of course, we’re rooting for Andreas to bring home the prize! 🏆

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